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Privacy Policy

Greater Shepparton Secure Shepp Kids Project

Greater Shepparton Empowering Communities is a Victorian State Government funded Empowering
Communities Initiative administered by Greater Shepparton City Council.  The program aims to enhance community safety through the provision of funding support for community-led projects that respond to local needs.

Greater Shepparton Secure Kids Project has been awarded funding by Greater Shepparton Empowering Communities to deliver the Circle of Security Parenting Program and is participating in project evaluation to help gauge program effectiveness. As part of this evaluation, we will be sharing the results of participant surveys and feedback routinely collected as part of the Circle of Security Parenting Program with our project evaluators, Capiche Consulting.

Why are we collecting this information?
The Circle of Security Parenting Program is founded on robust principles established through extensive research. Information is gathered from participants to build upon the established evidence base, as well as to help ensure the program is achieving its aims and is delivered to a consistently high standard. As the Secure Shepp Kids Project has received funding support from Greater Shepparton Empowering Communities, we will share the results of these assessments with project evaluators to help demonstrate the outcomes achieved through the funding grant.

What information will we collect?
Full name, phone number, email address, postcode, ages and gender of children, pre and post-program survey measures. In addition, contact information will be collected from project participants to enable participation in a future survey exploring the outcomes achieved by Greater Shepparton Empowering Communities.

How will we use the information you provide?
The collection, storage, use, disclosure and disposal of your personal information is governed by the Information Privacy Principles established under the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. You can find out more about your privacy rights at the Victorian Information Commissioner’s website:

The information we collect will only be used for evaluation purposes and to enable participation in a future Greater Shepparton Empowering Communities survey. If information is to be included in reports, presentations or publications related to the program, this will only be reported in a deidentified form or as aggregate data. The information provided will not be used for any other purpose.

Who will have access to my information?
Other than as required by law or provided in this collection notice, the information you provide will only be available to the Secure Shepp Kids Project organisers and our project evaluators, Capiche Consulting. Information such as individual survey responses and feedback will not be provided to third parties or used for any other purpose.

Your consent
By participating in the Greater Shepparton Secure Kids Project you are consenting to your information being treated in accordance with this collection notice. You may request that your information is excluded from the project evaluation.

How to contact us
If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please email project evaluators Capiche Consulting at: or write to Capiche Consulting at P.O. Box 420, Belgrave, VIC, 3160.

Alternatively, for all other privacy related questions or concerns, please email Secure Shepp Kids Project at: or call Tahna on 0466 508 614.

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